Consume in a truly sustainable way

Packaging is also important. Find out how sustainable and ecological a packaging is. cheqpacs enables you to contribute to a better environment.

  • Understanding packaging
  • Correct disposal
  • Participate!

Our Vision

Good products need sustainable packaging

cheqpacs has the vision that everyone can easily recognise the sustainability value of a package and that a responsible use of packaging is made possible. We want every product to be packaged sustainably from an ecological and economic point of view.

How it works

Simply scan the barcode of the product - view the sustainability value of the packaging at a glance.

Understanding packaging

cheqpacs provides you with information on the resource efficiency, recyclability and recyclate content of packaging. The information helps you to choose sustainable and environmentally conscious products. The scanned product is not recommended? No problem! cheqpacs shows you suitable sustainable alternatives via the tab 'Our recommendation'.

Correct disposal

You will receive disposal tips for every package, which will help you to actively contribute to a functioning cycle economy.


Your opinion counts! With the feedback option you can express your opinion and stand up for good and sustainable packaging.

Why are we doing this?

We want to take a further step towards protecting the environment and our resources. The commitment of the individual counts and with cheqpacs everyone can follow this path with us. With the app we give you a tool that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

In cooperation with a consortium of industry and science we have developed a data-based evaluation approach, which we are constantly working on to improve the App. Detailed references can be found in the App.

Now our goal is to change something in people's minds and industry's actions through the commitment of the individual, from purchase to disposal.

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Your contribution to the environment

Download the app now, understand the packaging, dispose of it correctly and join in!